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About LUX

Since 1914, Lux Products Corporation has manufactured quality products for the home. It all began with turn of the century timing devices, the forerunners of the now world famous Lux 60 Minute Timers.

Building on the success of this simple but highly utilitarian item, Lux grew into the multi-faceted manufacturer and merchandiser we are today. The Lux name has always stood for innovation, quality, and value.

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Lux Thermostats


Our full line of electronic and mechanical thermostats offer models for nearly every heating and cooling application.

Our programmable models come pre-programmed with a typical energy saving set-up. Plus, all models can be easily reprogrammed.

Lux Timers


The line that built the company. You've seen them everywhere and there's a very good reason. Lux 60 Minute Timers are the standard by which all other timers are judged.

Based on a simple and extremely functional design, these durable timers have become the most recognized and best-loved timers in the world.

Lux Range Parts

Range Replacement Products

Our full spectrum of gas and electric range parts are perfect for the do-it-yourselfer.

Lux offers everything needed to repair, replace or just plain "dress up" gas and electric ranges.