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Lux TX9600TS featured in a BBC news report

BBC features the Lux TX9600TS Programmable Thermostat in its report

" Keeping your home - and wallet - comfortable"

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Pillsbury & Lux
Pilsbury and Lux Timers
From Real Simple magazine, April 2006
This Month's Question:
How do you make housecleaning easier?

"My husband and I cut to the chase with 15-minute power sessions. We set the timer and then we're off -- cleaning and straightening as fast as we can. It's amazing how much you can get done."
Julie Kirkham
Bloomington, Minnesota

For centuries, humans used hourglasses to time their soufflés, midnight trysts, and bouts of fisticuffs. But it was only with the invention of the countertop timer - available in a wide variety of whimsical designs - that we reached the peak of civilization: The perfect poached egg.

Programmable thermostat
With a new automated thermostat, you won't have to remember to lower the heat when you leave for work. Our pick: Lux Smart Temp TX9000 can adjusts temperature settings four times per day and is programmable seven days in advance. At hardware stores and home centers.
First year's savings: $189.43
Future savings: $244.43 per year

[At time of printing] Savings are based on an annual heating bill of $815, the Department of Energy average for gas-heated homes in the Midwest