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ยป LUX Range Parts

New Range Parts from LuxLux Range parts are a simple and affordable way to add years of life to your cooking appliances!

Ugly stove burner topIs your range or still showing signs of wear and tear?

if so there is an affordable and simple way to add back years of life to your cooking appliances.

Range drip pansLux range parts offer everything you need to repair, replace, or just plain dress up your gas or electric ranges and stoves.

Stove top drip pansOur full line of gas and electric range parts includes:

  • Stovetop burner elements
  • Drip pans bowls and rings
  • Range BurnersOven baked and broiler elements
  • Control knobs
  • and other accessories

Oven knobsWe promise, you'll be happy with how well your range and stove appliances look and perform, with new range parts from Lux!


Oven coil