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Lux Timers Did you know that Lux introduced it's famous timer in 1912!

Lux Timer
Lux Timers

Since 1912, Lux Products Corporation has manufactured quality products for the home, beginning with the tuern of the centry timeing devices - the forerunners of the world famous LUX 60-minute Timers!

Did you know that Lux is the first company that made the washable timer!

Lux is the first and only company that makes an electronic timer that is hand washable with ordinary soap and water.

Did you know that the study of the art and science of time the foundation of luxe timers is called "Horology".

The science behind luxe timers finds its root in Horology

Other LUX timers facts include:

Lux timers are the first to use antimicrobial materials that resist the growth of germs.

Lux timers were chosen as one of the top 100 gadgets of all time.

Lux timers make a great gift idea.

Lux timers are found in kitchens all over the world. Lux timers can also be handy in the bathroom inherent tanning salons in the schools and in laboratories.