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Wiring Information and Troubleshooting
  • This page provides general guidance for your LUX Line-Voltage mechanical thermostat. For more detailed information please refer to the instructions that came with your thermostat.
  • Please make specific note regarding LOW VOLTAGE and LINE VOLTAGE directions. Do not install LINE VOLTAGE wires to a LOW VOLTAGE control.
  • Do NOT wire by color of the wire, wire by the LETTER designation to which the wire was attached on the previous control.
  • The instruction manual for this model can be viewed in PDF format by clicking here.

Model ELV4
Problem Resolution
120, or 240 VAC connected to previous control DO NOT ATTACH LINE VOLTAGE (120/240V) WIRES TO A LOW VOLTAGE (24V) THERMOSTAT.
Although its installation is relatively simple, this thermostat is designed to switch potentially hazardous line-voltage. If you are unsure of any aspect of this products application or installation, please consult with our technical assistance personnel or other qualified service personnel for assistance.
Carefully follow the wiring instructions shown in the ELV4 installation manual for the ELV4 heating control.
Advanced Troubleshooting NOTE: Only the L1-IN/OUT pole is broken during normal temperature control.  The L2-IN/OUT pole is a pass-through and is always live unless the thermostat's Heat/Off switch is in the OFF position (which will break both L1 and L2 poles).
For further assistance: Contact your HVAC service company or our Technical Assistance Line if not resolved.