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Troubleshooting Poor Temperature Regulation
• This page lists problems that may affect the temperature performance of your LUX thermostat with suggested resolutions.
• For more detailed information please refer to the instructions that came with your thermostat.
The instruction manual for this model can be viewed in PDF format by clicking here.
Model TH10
Problem Resolution
Indicates incorrect room temperature The room temperature thermometer within the rotary knob is not adjustable after initial production, and the thermostat will need to be replaced.
Heats or cools more than 5 degrees past its displayed set temperature Refer to the installation section of the thermostat's manual to verify that the unit's anticipator is set appropriately. Note that depending upon your heating system, it may be adjusted from the recommended setting to accommodate your heating cycle frequency preferences. The anticipator only affects heating mode.
Refer to wiring to verify that it is according to the wiring diagram for your system.
Verify that your unit's placement and mounting are optimum per the installation section of it's manual. 
No heat when expected Verify that the wire connections to your thermostat are clean and tight.
Refer to wiring to verify that it is according to the wiring diagram for your system.
Advanced Trouble Shooting If your system is a low voltage system having 24VAC or less, and you are technically inclined, you may jump terminals as given below out to detect a malfunction in your system.
Heat Test To test gas or oil heating systems, take the either wire off its terminal. Then with the power ON at the fuse box, touch that wire to the other terminal for a couple of minutes. The  heater should come on and stay on until the wire is removed.
For further assistance: Contact your HVAC service company or our Technical Assistance Line if not resolved.