What is swing, and how do I set it?

A thermostat works by turning your heating or cooling system on and off whenever the room temperature varies a certain number of degrees from the set-point.  This variation is the “swing”.

Your system should cycle on about 3 to 6 times per hour.

The DMH110 has 2 swing settings called: “Narrow” & “Wide”

  • The smaller swing setting of “Narrow” increases the number of cycles, so room temperature is more constant.  This setting provides maximum comfort.
  • The larger setting  of “Wide” decreases the number of cycles per hour.   You may feel a slight increase in the amount of temperature variation but this setting save more energy.
  • We recommend the narrow setting which provides maximum comfort.  This is also the default value that the thermostat already has in it when it is shipped.

To change the swing setting:

  1. take the front cover of  the stat off the wall
  2. open the thermostat and locate the jumper table on the circuit board.  JP3 is the jumper that sets the swing.
  3. Look for the Row that has “JP3 (Swing)”.  Look up to the top of the table to find the “Open” or “Closed” position.
  4. The jumpers are labeled on the circuit board next to each black cap. Identify the jumper you are looking for  (JP3).
  5. Pull the jumper cap off the pins and then place it back in the desired position.
  6. Now hit the software reset button on the front of the thermostat behind the door.  The swing setting will now be changed.

“Closed” position is when both pins are covered by little black cap.

“Open” position is when only 1 of the pins is covered by little black cap.

*Actual temperature variation will vary depending on the conditions.  As an approximation:

Setting          Variation

Narrow          +\- ¾” F

Wide              +\-1 ¼”F

Example: For tightest control, set swing to “Narrow” which is plus or minus 3/4 degrees F.   If you set the setpoint at 70 F, the highest it will get to is 70.75 F, the lowest it will get to is 69.25 F On swing setting “Wide” , if setpoint is at 70 with swing of plus or minus 1.25 F.  Highest it will go to is 71.25 F and lowest it will go to is 68.75 F.