What should I try if my thermostat fails to update to 2.0?

Although we expect the OTA process to be smooth and seamless, some users may encounter some issues. Here are some potential solutions.

Thermostat is offline at the time that the update is launched:

  1. Reset the thermostat through its menu (for instructions on the KONO click here, for the GEO click here)
  2. Go through the wifi connection process in the new, updated app
  3. Once connected to your wifi network, the thermostat should start updating itself in about 10 minutes

Thermostat is online, but fails to update:

  • If it is a KONO, remove it from the wall for 2 minutes then return it to the wall.
  • If it is a GEO, you may need to remove its batteries. Power it down for 2 minutes then return it to the wall
  • 10 minutes later the thermostat should begin it’s update
  • If it fails to update again, reset the thermostat and reconnect it to your network