Technical Updates

Updates for LUX Products

See the history of enhancements, improvements and bug fixes for LUX smart thermostats and the LUX App. Please check this page frequently, so you know when updates are released.

Automatic Updates

We recommend that you enable automatic updates on your device, to ensure that you always have the latest version of the LUX App.

  • To enable automatic updates on an Apple device, go to “Settings” > [your name] > “iTunes & App Store,” and turn on “App Updates.”
  • To enable automatic updates on an Android device, open the Google Play Store app, tap “Menu,” then “My apps & games,” select the LUX App, tap “More,” and tap “Enable auto update.”


The LUX Technical Support team is actively reviewing customer feedback to improve the App experience. We value your comments and appreciate your patience as our engineers work diligently to resolve any and all issues.

Release Notes

We have released a new version of the LUX App for Android and iOS users to address several reported issues. If you have already enabled your device for automatic updates, no action is required on your end.


LUX App v2.0.63

This update provides:

  • Quick dashboard access — If you only have single thermostat connected, the app will automatically display its dashboard.
  • Scheduling enhancements — You can edit the starting and ending times of scheduled events, and easily swipe left or right to change the day.
  • Assorted dashboard enhancements —
    • Improved dial control lets you easily adjust the set temperature by one degree.
    • You can quickly adjust the set temperature by holding the dial all the way to the left or right.
    • Changes to the set temperature are easier to observe.
    • Icons are labeled to provide greater clarity.
    • The dashboard’s readability has been improved.
  • Bug fixes — Issues that caused the app to crash intermittently have been resolved.


LUX App v2.0.12

The update has fixed:

  • Various crashes related to scheduling
  • Heat Pump mode display issues
  • An issue which freezes the GEO at step 2 when adding it to a location
  • An issue which causes temperature calibration to reset to 0
  • Time and time zone discrepancies
  • Unexpected changes to “Temperature” and “Mode” settings
  • Alexa and Google stability issues
  • Other stability and performance improvements
  • Added device ID to device “Settings” menu


Also, you may have seen a B2CLogin prompt to “Share Your Information” when first logging in to the App. This is a default system message requesting permission for the LUX App to communicate with our server. There is no personal information or usage data being shared with any third party. We apologize for any concerns caused by this phrasing and are working to clarify this message for App users.

Please check back frequently for more updates and enhancements, or contact Technical Support with any questions.

Updates coming soon.

Updates coming soon.

Updates coming soon.