How do I switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius on my thermostat?

If you wish to change the temperature displayed to Read Celsius instead of Fahrenheit, (or Fahrenheit to Celsius):

  1. Take the front cover of the stat off the wall. 
  2. Look on the circuit board to find the jumper table which tells you what the jumpers are for.
  3. Look for the Row that has C in one block and F in the other.  Look to the left and note the jumper label (for example JP1).  Look up the table to find the “Open” or “Closed” position.

“Closed” position is when both pins are covered by little black cap.

“Open” position is when only 1 of the pins is covered by little black cap.

        4. The jumpers are labeled on the circuit board next to each black cap.  Identify the jumper you are looking for (JP1) for example.  Pull the jumper cap off the pins and then place it back in the desired position.

        5.Now hold in the Reset button on the circuit board for 5 seconds. It is a small white round button on a square post.   The scale will now be changed.

        6. Finally, put the front half of the thermostat back onto the wall.